Waterlilies Vase


  • A tall vase
  • 4 copies of a flower image
  • Self adhesive laminating sheets
  • Elastic cord
  • 1/16-inch hole punch
  • Scissors


  1. Laminate your flower images.

  2. But this time, cut out the flower shape. You want your flowers to be bold on the vase, so size them to be about ½” shorter in width than the side of your vase. If you are using a round vase, the size is less important.

  3. Punch two holes on either side of the flower.

  4. Measure elastic by wrapping it tightly around the vase, and cut.

  5. Thread the elastic through the front of the image so it meets behind. Tie a knot, trim the end, and slip it over the vase.

  6. Repeat to make as many “necklaces” as you’d like…we chose to do one on each side of a square vase.