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Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Enjoy this wonderful day of fun, family, friends and food. And remember to welcome the imperfections of the day! If anything goes wrong during your Turkey Day prep, just remember this little story and smile…

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

One of the big holiday traditions on my father’s side of the family is making caramel ice cream. Using my grandmother’s recipe, each sibling of my father’s family carries out the careful steps of caramelizing the sugar, churning the homemade ice cream, and blending the two just right– you really have to be taught how […]

Thanksgiving Sides Recipes

I’ve been working on my Thanksgiving shopping list and I’m really trying to keep it simple this year. I tend to cook a few too many sides, but I’m determined to whittle down my menu and knock those dishes out of the park. So far, my need-to have list is: a great green side, yummy […]

Thanksgiving Chat

You’re Invited! To a live Facebook discussion on the state of the American table! Chef Christy Rost, Rocky Mountain PBS and Oxo are hosting the discussion, “The Thanksgiving Table and Beyond” right on Facebook…tonight! There are some great chefs who I’ll be chatting with, including Ricke Browne, Chris Fennimore, Daisy Martinez, Sara Moulton and Jeff […]

Squash Soup Recipe

Sometimes the best recipes come from mistakes. Science, of course, has always known that accidents and mishaps can lead to monumental discoveries. Cooking, in a sense, is a type of science, and slight mishaps can lead to the discovery of fantastic dishes. Therefore, if you think you have muddled up a recipe or a certain […]

Thanksgiving Wreaths

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or heading to your friend’s or family’s home, a harvest wreath can bring in the spirit of gratitude to all who enter…it’s always good to have little reminders to be thankful, right? With these 4 simple ideas, I forecast a weekend project! Now, which to choose… Looking for even […]