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On a recent trip to ABC Carpet and Home (a housewares and furniture wonderland in Manhattan), I found myself completely mesmerized by the intricate design techniques of John Robshaw Textiles. Inspired by everything from Chinese woodblocking to Indonesian batiks, the company makes by far some of the most exquisite looking textiles I have ever laid my eyes/hands on! Not to mention, he has a great eye for color… ABC Carpet and Home. It doesn't matter how you mix n' match his collection -- all of the colors and designs seem to work together perfectly.



The fabric is dipped in real indigo! How can you not oogle over this?


His attention to detail amazes me! Just look at the patterns and stitching on his bedding…


Perfect zig-zags.



I love love love the design on this pillow!


While I love his designs, what I admire most about Robshaw is that he has actually visited and lived in the far reaches of Asia to learn from textile craftsmen how to do various printing, weaving, and dying techniques himself; making him an artisan in the truest sense.  For more information about John Robshaw Textiles, click here.

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