Simply Festive

Growing up, my mom was the queen of decorating our front door for every occasion.  On Christmas and Thanksgiving, of course, our door was decked out.  But that was just the tip of the iceberg – she found a reason to celebrate the festive elements of any occasion (“Oh, it must be tax day!”), and she did it with gusto.  While as teenagers my siblings and I might have done our fair share of eye rolling, as it turns out, I’m just like her when it comes to festive décor (Thanks mom!).  For a little inspiration on how to transition our front stoops from Halloween to Thanksgiving, here are some images from around the web of people rocking out with dried corn and corn husks.  Go ahead, do your mom proud.

Decorating From the Heart

Front Porch Ideas and More

Grandin Road

The HomeSlice

The Gardener’s Rake

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