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It’s inevitable. October 1 rolls around and you never hear the end of it. “What am I going to be for Halloweeeeen?” Our kids can dream up some crazy costumes (do you really want to be that extra-fancy double-the-price princess with the real gold crown??) and it’s hard to squelch that creativity. It’s also hard to cough up so much for a one-night-only outfit.

So, find a happy medium and start with what you have. I was lucky this year: my 6-year old Prentiss wants to be a witch and while Meredith doesn’t quite get the whole Halloween thing yet (she’s almost 2), Prentiss thought she’d make an excellent cat.

To make the witch and cat costumes spectacular we don’t have to look too far away from their closets. We’re going to use a black skirt and turtleneck that Prentiss already has and spook it up with some fake spider webs and glitter.  With a touch of face paint, a witch’s hat (which are a dime a dozen this time of year) and some mini cat ears for Meredith we’ll be all set for the biggest sugar fest of the year…for well under $20.

If you’re stumped for ideas or just in the Halloween spirit, take a peek at these clever kids costumes:

Real Simple came up with this cute highway idea- all you need is a matching pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt and some toy cars!

Piglet in a Blanket
Real Simple again with the cutest piglet ever! I’m thinking you could cut the tip of a bottle and attach to elastic for the snout. Some felt ears on a headband, pink jammies and that snuggly blankey are the only other things you need!

Hot Air Balloon
Kids might like the balloons more than the candy…well, maybe! Grab a bunch o’ balloons and make a cardboard basket with paper bag weights. Reminds me of Up the movie, which I’ve probably seen 50 times by now…

Some red felt and a fluffy white beard are all you need to buy for this adorable gnome outfit. Make sure you get lots of good garden pics of your little one!

OK the kids are taken care of…Now I just have to figure out where I put my magic wand and crown…

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