Simply Candy Corn

Around this time of year—every year—my family likes to remind me of “the candy corn incident,” in which the hallway bowl full of the delicious Halloween fare was devoured handful-by-sneaked-handful in one fateful afternoon. I was young, it was Halloween and I’m a sucker for sweets…what more can I say?

Not much more in the way of my candy habits has changed since then. Luckily, I’ve discovered how to manage my habit—by making irresistible desserts that combine all sorts of sugary goodness!

Cater to the candy goddess inside you with this awesome and super easy Swirled White Chocolate Candy Corn.

What You’ll Need
12 ounces of white chocolate morsels
Couple drops of orange food coloring
1 cup of candy corn

Get Cookin’
1. Over medium-low heat melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
2. Pour the melted chocolate onto lined baking sheets and drop in a couple drops of food coloring. Using a knife, swirl chocolate to create a pattern in the chocolate.
3. Drop candy corn on top of chocolate.
4. Place in the freezer until hardened. Then break into pieces.

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