Simply Amagansett – Part Two

As you may recall, I recently purchased a house in Amagansett. Well, the renovations are moving along nicely – and as you can see, and the progress thus far has been quite substantial. While the whole house has been gutted, striped, cleaned, steamed, and re-painted there’s still quite a bit of work that needs to be done! However, with all of that in mind, I can now say that my ‘large scale craft project’ is beginning to look a little less like an abandoned beach house, and more like a cozy abode in Long Island! See for yourself! ::

The so-to-be 'Master Bathroom'. I think it still needs a little work!

The 'first stage' of the living room re-do. The beams? That used to be a closet!

The living room at a different angle. Notice the patio furniture being used indoors!

The living room now. I think the white paint opens up the space, and makes it a lot brighter!

The living room at a different angle.

The girl's room - before the walls were painted.

The girls' room - after being painted... and with a little more furniture!

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  1. rebecca wilder
    rebecca wilder says:

    I love your show . we can not always get it in our area I guess it is becauce we have an antenna. so I always crossmy fingers every sunday. If I had a chance to invite A famous people to my house it would be GOD YOU AN OPRAH. not at the same time tho.I am origonally from coldwater.mi. my oldest daughter goes to college at bakers in mi. Itry to keep it simple an FRUGAL. wish you could come over an give me fresh idaes for my favorit color is BLUE.


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