DIY – how to make your own Chafing Dish using flower pots

A great how to for making your own Chafing Dish with flower pots.

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Flower Pot Chafing Dish DIY
DIY your own chafing dish with flower pots.
  1. Place terra cotta dish where you want your chafing dish to be centered.
  2. Flip the three little pots upside down and place them right up against the dish in a triangle formation.
  3. Fill the terra cotta dish with the glass potting beads.
  4. Place the Sterno can in the center of the dish, right on top of the glass beads. (Do not open the Sterno can, nor light it, until you are ready to heat your dish.)
  5. Place the large terra cotta pot, upside down, balanced over the three little pots and so that the sterno can is in the center. Pry off the lid to the Sterno and light with a match about 10 minutes before you want to put your warm dish on the top.
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