Popcorn Box Centerpieces


  • 2-3 empty tissue paper and paper towel rolls, per centerpiece
  • Various colors of spray paint
  • Brightly-colored tissue paper
  • Heavy object (we use a small can of food)
  • Empty popcorn boxes
  • 1/4 brick of floral oasis, per centerpiece
  • Various colors of painter’s tape
  • 2-3 bamboo skewers, per centerpiece
  • 2 children’s foam animal masks on sticks, per centerpiece
  • Gift wrap ribbon
  • 2-3 small plastic animals, per centerpiece
  • 2-3 small floral water pick, per centerpiece
  • Various flowers (we’ve chosen spider and button mums)
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape


  1. Paint toilet paper or paper towel rolls bright red and green.

  2. Take a couple of sheets of tissue paper and wrap them around your heavy object. Place it at the bottom of your popcorn box and arrange your tissue paper like you would for a present!

  3. Cut your floral oasis in a small square, and place it in the bottom of your popcorn box, so your animals and skewers have something to stick into.

  4. Using painter’s tape, wrap rings around your toilet paper/paper towel rolls, attaching your skewer as you go. This allows your toilet paper rolls to stand up in the popcorn box.

  5. Place your pre-made masks with sticks in the popcorn box.

  6. Curl inexpensive ribbon and attach to the top of the roll with clear tape on the inside of the toilet paper roll.

  7. Place plastic animals on the edges of the popcorn box.

  8. Fill a floral pick with a small amount of water, and place the flowers of your choice in the floral pick, and then into your popcorn box!