Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs!

Okay I admit it I have gone EGG raving mad! This is no EGGaggeration, I have spent the past few weekends dedicated to try every kind of technique that the good Lord floats my way. My husband thinks I am cheating on him with my egg cartons. It has been nothing but fun and I cannot seem to stop. I feel my fingers might be permanently stained with the dye of the season. So please indulge me and let me fill you in on my findings…

First some general notes…
-Wear rubber gloves.
-Use deep bowls that will not take too much dye but that will allow eggs to be completely covered with liquid.
-Always do the version where you add vinegar and not just hot water. They will be so much bolder, brighter and better.
-Place all your dye filled bowls on a cookie sheet to catch the spills.

Now for the fun stuff…
Oil and vinegar: just like a tossed salad, add equal parts oil and white vinegar to your dye and drop in your eggs. Stir continuously and be prepared to be stunned.

The oil and vinegar eggs are the pinkish ones in the front row!

Rubber Bands: wrap them tightly around your eggs and dye away.

Wrap/dunk then repeat til content.

Electric Tape: works way better than masking tape as it does not bleed as much.

Prentiss and electric tape eggs.

Rubber Cement: drizzle till your hearts content, then blow dry and dunk in the dye. After the egg has dried, rub off the glue with your fingers.

Gingerly rub off the cement.

Chapstick: that is right I said Chap-stick. It is so much easier to apply than crayons. Just draw away and then submerge.

My Meredith spreads some chap-stick LOVE.

Shaving Cream: I had to show you because I had such high hopes and the girls loved doing them but alas, ours did not work so well. If anyone out there has any helpful hints this EGGtologist would be grateful.

Shaving cream lightly mixed with various colors of acrylic paint.

Food Coloring: my personal favorite. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and squirt a bit on the egg. Then drop a bit of food coloring on the egg, squirt more vinegar, add another drop of color, and continue alternating until you achieve a look you love.

Simply the bomb if you ask me.

Please feed my addiction and tell me EVERYTHING about your eggs!!!!!

Eggcellent results!


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