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Can't get enough of Meredith…

Meredith really has been the brightest light of the summer! Every single month of a baby’s life brings incredible change.  She got some teeth, and now she’s trying to feed herself, too! Don’t get ahead of yourself, Meredith! She became buddies with Buddy, the horse… And she looks great dressed up as a bear!

Painting the trees

There were a few dead trees on the orchard grounds, so I decided we should spruce them up a bit and give them a little flair.  Adding a little decorating touch to the natural environment is a great way to engage the landscape, and I knew these trees would look great with a touch of […]

Prentiss horses around

At the ripe old age of 5 and a quarter, Prentiss has been in a number of horse shows, and she always does exceptionally well… But here she is with her very first blue ribbon! Of course, we’re all as proud as can be.

Shoes off!

With all the playing in the dirt up at the orchard, I had to make a sign to hang on the house. From now on, flip-flops only indoors!

Take us out to the ballgame!

Though the orchard is basically impossible to beat, we did make our way back to New York City, and we caught a Mets game. The crack of the bat, the fans going wild, the seventh inning stretch, and the food (mmmm- hot dogs never seem to taste as good as they do at baseball games)… […]


As beautiful as the landscape is around the Berkshire mountains, there are a few contributions from the people that live there that almost rival the natural beauty.  I really love bridges myself, and there are two in Massachusetts I especially enjoy. This is the bridge to the wonderful town of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. And this […]

Watch out… here she comes!

It has finally happened- Meredith started crawling!!! This is obviously extremely exciting for the family, and for anyone who loves watching fantastically adorable children flop around on the ground. Look at her go!

Woodsy arts and crafts

When we’re up at the orchard, one of my whole family’s favorite things to do is to go on long walks in the woods.  We all love the beauty of nature, and, as far as the kids are concerned, the woods are just about the best playground ever made! On a recent excursion, we collected […]

Pond life

The land isn’t the only thing blossoming with new life in the summer.  My whole life I’ve loved spending as much time near the water as possible (it probably has something to do with growing up near Lake Michigan), and this year we got to take a close look at some ponds. In one pond, […]

The orchard's bounty

As the summer passes, our orchard brims with all kinds of new stages of life- the buds turned to leaves, and now the leaves are joined by some welcome additions: fruit and summer flowers! The blueberry bushes started to ripen… The hydrangeas bloomed… And this is, after all, an orchard, and we’re beginning to see […]