Deck the Halls, and the gifts, and the tree…

Holiday season is among us and it is time to get in the spirit! Here at the Katie Brown Workshop, my elves and I have been doing just that. Our gift-wrapping and bow typing skills have become quite impressive over the past couple of weeks if I must say so myself. That’s one piece of what holiday season is all about—giving back to those you love. Whether you give someone a hand-made card, an iPod, or both… just letting someone know you’re thinking about them is a beautiful and thoughtful gesture. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. It’s about togetherness and giving families an opportunity to get all of their loved ones in one place and what could possibly be better than that? Absolutely nothing.

As the temperature begins to dip and snow starts to fall, I can feel the holiday excitement all around. In my family, Christmas has a way of working itself into the entire month of December. Between decorating the tree, picking out and wrapping gifts, and spending quality time with friends and family—the holiday is almost a one-month celebration, which I love. Take advantage of the holidays and remember to relax and just have fun with it!

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