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It seems like not too long ago, when you walked into a grocery store you could choose from two types of apples– red and green. Not so anymore! Apples are everywhere. I walk down the produce aisle and see hundreds of perfectly waxed apples from all over the world. Did you know China produces the most apples, followed by the US, and then Iran?? Johnny Appleseed, you’ve got competition!

So all this apple exposure is inspiring me to dig deeper into the world of apple knowledge.  I’m officially on the prowl for apple facts.

Did you know the Empire is a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious? Or that sweet and crunchy Braeburns are great for baking? That Golden Delicious apples are too thin-skinned to store and crazy sweet Honey Crisps are super easy to juice?

Let’s get the conversation rolling! What have you discovered by cooking, baking, eating or growing apples?

Check out this clean visual guide to apples from one of my favorite foodie site’s, Epicurious. Read up on 11 different apples and find out what to do with what you’ve got!

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