City Island made my Sunday better!

On Sunday night it was SUPER hot out here in New York.  Early in the day I had to go a memorial service, which was pretty

depressing, to say the least.  I just wanted to stay at home with my family, relax, maybe have a little picnic in the backyard…

But NO, the Tribeca Film Festival has been going on, and I had to go see my friend Juliana Margulies’ new movie.  It’s called

City Island, and Jules stars in it with Andy Garcia.  Well, I was not happy to drag myself to the theater, even for the

promise of air-conditioning, and to say I walked to my seat in the worst mood ever is an understatement.

But you know, as soon as the screen lit up, I felt a whole lot better.  The movie was FANTASTIC.  It was hilarious, with great

performances all around, and it totally brightened my day.  More than well worth the price of admission!  For more info about the film, check out their website at

A classy festival indeed!

A classy festival indeed!

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