Calling All Neighbors

Please understand I am from the Midwest, and in the Midwest when someone moves into the hood people go out of their way to make them feel welcome. Pies, directions, and town tips are given almost the minute the moving truck pulls in the driveway. We moved into our new home almost two years ago and still no welcome wagon. So, I decided to invite my yankee Connecticut neighbors over for a soiree.

Prentiss Made A Welcome Sign

Prentiss Baking Cookies

Corn Chowder

We baked cookies, brought in fried chicken, tossed up a salad, and cooked up some corn chowder.

We invited anyone and everyone who lived with in shouting distance. Thirty grown ups and almost twenty kids ran wild, dinned, drank and laughed. At the end of the night I felt a bit less homesick and a whole lot more hopeful about the town where my family and I had landed. It seems the lesson of my midwestern roots had served me well,  even if the roles were a bit reversed. How do you welcome newcomers?

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