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I am so excited to be partnering with Splenda, and I’m honored to be their first SPLENDA Signature Chef! My chef at the workshop and I are already daydreaming about many of the delicious recipes (both sweet and savory) we can create using America’s Favorite No Calorie Sweetener!  I had my first Splenda National Sales Meeting this past Wednesday, and let me tell you, it was not only a big success, but also a lot of fun! Well, the fun started once I was finished with my Q&A session (because honestly, who likes public speaking??) While I was at the Sales Meeting, I did a big book signing and giveaway:

Signing some of my Katie Brown Celebrates books."All I need is a sharpie and a gloss-finished page....then the name writes itself"

Part of the Splenda Marketing Team

Although the town of Plainsboro, New Jersey made me feel like I was in an episode of The Office, the area that Princeton University is settled in is quite a posh little neighborhood (I almost felt like I should have been expecting an arrival from the Queen of England).Obviously since we were already in Princeton, we decided to give ourselves a quick tour of Princeton University.

How much prettier can a campus get?

Standing in front of yet another gorgeous Princeton building

All in all, a Splendid day!

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  1. Lynda
    Lynda says:

    Your new collection at Meijer is fantastic. I actually blogged about it just the other day. I love seeing another “Michigan” girl doing great things! I can’t wait to see your holiday collection. Have a great day!


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