YOU have been FRAMED

Do you have lots of old frames that you do not know what to do with? Well here is our TOP 10 ways to use them. How do you use your old frmes? Pleasse share.


Just leaning with a few lines strung acorss for hanging. Spotted on Keltainenntalorannalla


Glued together to show off old fabrid Spotted on Media Cache


A bit decorated and used as wall art. Found on Jaz Creations


Double recucle by using old toys and bright coat of paint to decorate beat up frames. Found on Making Lemonade


Pintrest- frames

Or how about just using an old bed FRAME for a post it board? Found on Pintrest


Create a image from old jewlery in the center of a FRAME. Spotted on Etsy Static


FRAMES as a wall treatment. Found on Blog Spot


FRAMED front door wreath. Spotted on Pails Of Paint


Create a FRAMED pin chusion. Found on Blog Spot


Or how about some real fun with old window FRAMES turned into a playhouse. Found on Inhabit Tots