Up-cycle Old Books to Get Creative While Going Green!

When you finish a book or newspaper, what do you do with it? Most people recycle their newspapers and stash books away on the shelf with the others, never to be seen again. Instead of getting rid of newspapers and books, why not craft them into works of art? Old books and newspapers often become yellowish in color and offer a great canvas for us to get a little artsy on. Here are some of the many masterpieces for you to try out:

Butterfly wreath tutorial made from book pages. Spotted on: Alisa Burke.

Use old pages for a canvas background with silhouettes. Spotted on: Fave Crafts.

Inspirational quotes can cover old newspaper articles. Spotted on: Katherine Center.

Painting on recycled materials. Spotted on: Blenda Studio on Etsy.

Weave a basket out of newspaper. Spotted on: How About Orange.

Craft rosettes from book pages. Spotted on: Doodlecraft.