Tree Stump Projects

Regardless if you felt Hurricane Irene or Tropical Storm Irene…you felt it! Along with millions along the East Coast, we are out of power. At my house, we’ve seen tons of rain and wind, resulting in many many trees and branches down. We are feeling lucky no one was hurt and our house is OK, but we’ve got a cleanup on our hands for sure.

With all the fallen trees, it looks like some chainsaw work is in our future. While we’re putting our yard back in order, we might as well have some fun with it! If you’ve got any fallen limbs near you, view it as an opportunity. Tree stumps and branches can turn into some really great projects.

See what some great crafters came up with below in this Tree Stump Project Round Up.

Tree Stump Alphabet Magnets, Photo by: Abbey Hendrickson

Painted Tree Stump Coffee Table, Photo by:

Upholstered Tree Stumps (for comfy outdoor seating!) Photo by: FunkyTime

Rustic Tree Branch Gift Tags, Photo by: TheHickoryTree

Tree Stump Table Markers, Photo by: SWOONOVERIT Photography

So get to work with a saw and some sandpaper…I know we’ll be working hard over at my house!

Were you affected by the storms? Let me know how right here.

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