The Kitchen Island

As people who spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen we stress the importance of a purposeful one. The kitchen is the heart of homes. It’s no place to be getting fancy without being functional. Every part has a job, a responsibility. It all works together for a seamless kitchen experience. We owe a lot of our kitchen success to the island. It definitely pulls a lot of weight and for that we are so thankful.

Three main reasons to plant an island in the center of your kitchen next time you’re remodelling include:

  • increase storage and counter space
  • increase light with hanging fixtures
  • centralize socializing

This kitchen island adds a lot more countertop space, so much so the stove top is built in. The extra counter space floating in the middle of the room is great for food preparation and presentation.

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Below is an island full of drawers and cupboards, even a microwave.

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Kitchen islands also open up whole new opportunities for adding fixtures to the ceiling above it. Need a little more light? Add light fixtures. Have fun with it and choose decorative light fixtures that add a little pop to your decor. Or another option is to hang a pots rack. Not everyone likes exposing all of their cooking dishes, but we like to have them all where we can see ’em. Below is a small collection of interesting light fixtures and pot racks that are functional and decorative. Like we mentioned before you can’t have fancy without the function, especially in a kitchen!

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The third point we want to share about kitchen islands is their natural way of becoming a point of socializing. Gather around, everyone.

The bar seating, as seen below, makes the kitchen more social. A great place for friends and family to hang out or help out while you’re cooking. Or simply remove the stools and it becomes a standing table which is great for small parties.

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Another option if you want the island to look more like a table is to add seating to two of it’s sides.

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If you’re looking for us we’re probably relaxing around the island reading a magazine under the light while rummaging through the drawers of snacks and socializing with friends and family, because with the island we can do just that.

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