Thanksgiving Wreaths

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or heading to your friend’s or family’s home, a harvest wreath can bring in the spirit of gratitude to all who enter…it’s always good to have little reminders to be thankful, right? With these 4 simple ideas, I forecast a weekend project! Now, which to choose…

With a wire hanger and strips of fall-colored fabrics, you can make a pretty ribbon wreath!  Photo by: Tabitha Emma Patterson

Cover a straw wreath base with moss with spray adhesive. Spray paint gourds white and use floral wire to stick into straw base. Hang with a strip of burlap.  Photo by: Sherry @TheCharmOfHome

Paint clothespins in harvest colors, then clip them to a wire wreath frame. Guests can write in what they are grateful for, or you can bring the wreath inside and friends and family can clip manila tags to the wreath. Photo by: Jo @ChicaAndJoe

Hang a simple grapevine wreath with a silky orange, brown or gold ribbon. Have Thanksgiving guests write down their Thanksgiving wishes and stick into the vines.  Photo by: Melanie Acevedo

Looking for even more wreath ideas? There’s always the simple Rope Wreath or fun Feather Wreath centerpiece.

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  1. Mary Ann Miller
    Mary Ann Miller says:

    i just love your ideas and wish i could watch them on t.v. our dish isnt able to get your shows and i just love them you have the right answers to everything and such beautiful ideas and so simple even i can do them thank you for sharing


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