Thanksgiving lessons

So the day is gone. Not back for another year . But man was it FUN! I went to my friend Mariska’s house. I cooked and planned, but I had many friends who chopped, tossed and stirred. However now is the time for- My Recap -My Reflection. What could have been done better? What went well? What needs to be added? Etc. Etc.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Cook more the day before.

2. Set the table the day before.

3. Take a few planned breaks where we play games and crafts with the kids.

4. Perhaps take a walk with everyone before we eat because I love sitting down right as the sun is setting.

5. Take more and better pictures.

6. Perhaps, instead of me planning all food I should have everyone prepare one of their favorites.

7. Learn to make my family’s carmel ice-cream recipe for dessert.

8. Take a break with an activity between each course.

9. Do not forget the cheese cloth.

10. Laugh more!

Take a look see at our celebration.



Mariska set the table.


I loved my seat.


The Flowers were so pretty.


We started with Butternut Squash Soup


The soup was prepared by the BEST assistant chef ever TED.


The star the turkey prepared by me!


Roasted Beets


More roasted veggies.


A great crew who prepped all the VEGGIES!


The stuffing.


The fantastic stuffing was prepared by the GREAT TOM.


Mashed by Peter.


Brussel Sprouts made by ME.


And Victoria made the desserts.