Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

One of the big holiday traditions on my father’s side of the family is making caramel ice cream. Using my grandmother’s recipe, each sibling of my father’s family carries out the careful steps of caramelizing the sugar, churning the homemade ice cream, and blending the two just right– you really have to be taught how to make it before you can use the recipe!

There are 7 families who participate, so about halfway through any holiday the calls start pouring in. “How’s it taste this year?” “Did you get it right this time?” When we’d make our round of visits to the cousins’ houses, we’d each get a small spoonful of their version of the ice cream

I’m sure that I could go out and buy some amazing Dulce de Leche ice cream off the shelf of my grocery store, but there’s something about the smell of that butter and sugar on the stove that fills me with the happiest memories and seals the deal…the caramel ice cream must be made!

I try to complement the ice cream with a great pie or two. Here are 5 recipes I’d love to bake and taste this year…

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Recipe, Photo by: Becky @VintageMixer

Cranberry Shortcake Recipe, Photo by: Valerie @UneGamineDansLaCuisine

Individual Ginger Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe, Photo by: Lauren @HealthyFoodForLiving

Apple Crisp Pie, Photo by: Brandy @NutmegNanny

Pumpkin Spice Ice Box Cake Recipe, Photo by: Lauren @ScoopAdventures

What desserts does your family indulge in on Thanksgiving? Any food traditions that you keep alive?

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  1. Claudia Stewart
    Claudia Stewart says:

    I cannot find a pecan pie recipe and I have forgotten how to make it. I know it has both walnuts and pecans and maybe cream cheese.

  2. Faye Napier
    Faye Napier says:

    Looking for receipe for the graham cracker crust pumpkin pie on #322 show. Tried to write it down but missed some of it. It had vanilla pudding, pumpkin mix, cinnamon, nutmeg, whipped topping, caramel sauce & roasted walnuts but don’t exact amounts of a couple. Would like to fix it for my sorority meeting on Dec. 8th. Thanking you in advance.


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