Sisal Rope Bowl Project

Blending the rustic with the delicate is a beautiful thing! I like the building blocks of my projects to be simple, stripped-down materials like wood, metal and rope. When you keep the base simple, the objects around it shine!

Take this Sisal Rope Bowl (via Centsational Girl): the aluminum bowl (a beauty on its own!) wrapped in light-colored sturdy rope makes those green apples pop with the great contrast between rough and smooth. Your ordinary fruit bowl just became a piece of art! Wrap a galvanized bucket, a metal bowl or a plain vase in this rustic-looking rope and see what I mean…

Photo: Centsational Girl

Sisal Rope Bowl

What you’ll need…
A container to be your base (a galvanized bucket, bowl, vase…)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
50-75 ft sisal rope (rope shown here is 1/4-inch thick)

Getting started…
1.  If your container has handles, start there. Wrap the rope as shown in the picture tutorial below, dabbing on hot glue after every second loop around.
2.  Start the outside of the bowl by gluing the end of the rope under the handle. Wrap the rope around the outside of your container, using the hot glue as you work your way around.
Hint: You can leave the inside of your container as is, or you can glue layers of rope to to the inside for a more refined look.

Photo: Centsational Girl

What would you put in a sisal rope bowl? Skeins of yarn, the latest magazines and newspapers, family photos…the list goes on! Tell me what you’d do right here!

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