Simply Sheep's Nose

So we’ve established that there are thousands of apple varieties out there. Until now though, we haven’t tackled the fact that tons of those apple varieties have some really funky names. We all know Galas and Fujis, but have you ever heard of Graniwinkles, Pippins, Almatas, Croftons, Summer Bananas, Sweet Winesaps and Rambos?

My personal favorite is, hand’s down, the Sheep’s Nose. Apparently, English farmers back in 1951 thought it looked like the elongated nose of its furry namesake, but I’ll let you bet the judge of that one…

Sheep's Nose? Who knows!

Sheep’s Nose are hard and somewhat dry, and are ideal for making one of my and my girls’ fave fall snacks– apple chips! If you don’t have any Sheep’s Nose hanging around, Granny Smiths, Galas or whatever apples you’ve got in your kitchen will totally work for this simple recipe from Shaheen Peerbhai, popularly known as the Purple Foodie.

With 2 hours, some cinnamon, sugar and a squeeze of lemon, you’ll have yourself a super easy and healthy snack. And, if you know of any particularly wacky apple names, send them along!

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