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The festivity of Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop. New Years Eve is right around the corner! 2011 here we come…

We’ve been blasted with snow on the East Coast these past few days, so I’ve had to get creative about how to stay warm and cozy inside. I’ve taken to dreaming of far-away locales, and in the process I’ve come across some interesting tidbits on New Years traditions in other countries.

Take a peek at how countries outside the US bring in the new year…

  • At midnight the Spanish try to eat 12 grapes by the time the 12th bell tolls.
  • The Japanese ring their temples’ bells 108 times to ward off the 108 evils of Buddhist philosophy.
  • The Greeks’ celebration of New Years coincides with the fun St. Basil’s Day, where people leave gifts in each others’ shoes!
  • Over in the Philippines, kids jump up and down at midnight in hopes of growing tall and strong.
  • In Germany, people drop molten lead into water and then interpret what the shapes mean for their upcoming year.
  • And the “Most Amusing New Years Tradition Award” goes to…the Spanish-speaking countries that believe wearing yellow underwear brings wealth and good luck for the new year! (Is that really all I need??)

Maybe it’s time to blend in a few international traditions to my 2011 celebration…better stock up on grapes, grab some yellow undies and get my global party on!

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