Simple Tin Planter

As you ramp up your spring gardening efforts, think about the easy ways to make your potted plants look stylish. You can convert a basic wooden planter into a statement garden piece by hammering tin tiles onto the wood. Tin is a cinch to cut and looks great when attached with decorative upholstery tacks. Now your planters will be pretty enough to showcase your naturally beautiful herbs and plants!

What you’ll need…

Wood crates (available at craft stores, such as JoAnn Fabric and Crafts)
Tin ceiling tiles (available online at American Ceilings)
Heavy-duty garbage bags
Large upholstery tacks
Tin snips
Protective gloves

Get started…
1.  Convert your slatted crate into a planter by first lining the inside with a heavy-duty garbage bag. Use tape to hold the bag in place.
2.  Cut tin squares to a size that you can fold over the lip of the crate. Hammer in place with upholstery tacks.

After the last spring frost, think about planting basil in your new tin planter to ensure a summer full of refreshing aromas and tasty recipe inspiration. Visit Bonnie Plants to get more great gardening tips and find a dealer near you.

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