Simple Pasta with Basil

After a weekend of grazing the party food at Memorial Day cookouts and barbeques, I’m ready for a fresh start. When I saw this simple pasta dish (via Sweet Paul) I knew I had found the answer. Instead of loading up these noodles with a heavy red sauce, it’s kept light and fresh with olive oil, basil, tomatoes and peppers. From the garden to your plate…

I know I’ve been guilty of it before…you have a beautiful basil plant and it withers away before you can use it in the kitchen. Well, pick some sprigs and garnish away! When using basil, pinch off the top 4 leaves (they usually form a cross). This will send a message to the plant to grow more leaves and keep your plant healthy. For more tips on growing basil, see what the experts at Bonnie Plants have to say!

What’s your favorite way to make pasta without red sauce? Submit your answers here.

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