Simple Paint Jobs

One good thing about all the rain we’ve had on the East Coast is our greens are just that much greener! As my outdoor plants start to bloom, I’m starting to get that itch for a little sprucing up of the interior and exterior of my house.

I think one of the easiest ways to achieve big impact in an area of your home that needs a facelift is to put up a fresh coat of paint. It’s a weekend project that can change your whole outlook on your home. Paint a ceiling a bright color or, for a smaller scale project, fill in the back of a bookshelf.

Not sure on a color to paint? Collect inspiration from around you: while you’re flipping through a magazine, tear out an ad with a pretty wall that strikes you. Be bold and playful with your color choice.  The opportunities are endless, so forget your apprehension and go for it!

On the flip side, painting the outside of your home can be quite the challenging DIY project. The scale of the job, plus the materials and labor required, make it one of the home improvement items I tend to push off. That is, until I discovered this ingenious company that not only undertakes the task of priming and painting, but guarantees the job will last for 25 years. That’s right…a quarter of a century!

To be clear, Rhino Shield isn’t just a paint job, but a ceramic coating system that looks like paint, but holds up like vinyl of fiber cement siding.

Rhino Shield is waterproof, helps your with insulation, has a Class A fire rating, and most importantly, comes in tons of colors. I’m sold!

Are you tackling any home improvement projects over the upcoming long weekend? Give me the details!

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