Simple Outdoor Planter

One of the goals at the Katie Brown Workshop is to create and find projects that use common materials in an exciting and creative way for cook, nest and grow projects. Where can you find inspiration for these kinds of projects? Just keep your eyes open as you live your life! Troll the aisles of the hardware, grocery or craft store for inspirational materials. Think of ways to deconstruct what you see in magazines, stores or blogs to make a step-by-step project that’s quick and simple to do. When you dream up a project with easy-to-find materials at a reasonable price, you’re so much more inclined to actually do it!

This simple DIY outdoor planter (via Apartment Therapy) take the common cinder block and makes it chic! You can shape the planter to fit the outdoor space you have. With a little heavy lifting, you can make a beautiful (and inexpensive) green space for your patio, porch, deck or stoop…
Click on the photo to learn more about the process to make one for yourself!

Fill your new planter with your favorite Bonnie Plants seeds and starters. Click to find a dealer near you!

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