Simple Clothespin Photo Holder

It’s official: I’m obsessed with projects that reuse common household supplies in creative ways. Glass jars, paint chips, and now clothespins! I’m always curious about ways to hang up my kids’ artwork and the most recent photos. And while I don’t usually hang my clothes out on the line to air dry, I do seem to have handfuls of these wooden clips hanging out in my craft drawers. Looks like it’s time for a super quick photo holder project (via AestheticOutburst).

Clothespins Photo Holder

What you’ll need…
Several clothespins (the kind with the wire spring)
Small wooden letters
Black acrylic paint
Small paint brush
Kraft glue

Get started…
1.  Paint the flat side of the clothespins with black paint (or use your favorite color!). Let dry.
2.  Choose a phrase to spell out with the letters. “You are awesome,” “Shiny happy people,” “Spread the love,” etc.
3.  Put a dab of kraft glue on the painted wooden side of the clothespin and attach a wooden letter. Continue gluing letters until your phrase is complete.
4.  Attach a string to a door, desk, bulletin board, or any other good perch for photos with a thumb tack. Clip the clothespin over the string and onto a favorite photo, drawing, concert ticket, inspirational tear sheet, etc.

Hint: Use black chalkboard paint and write your phrase with chalk, instead of gluing on wooden letter. This way, you can change up the words!

What would you say with clothespins? Share your ideas here!

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