Silverware Envelope Project

Are you getting ready for any spring get-togethers? Okay, it’s only the end of February, but you can’t blame a girl for hoping!

When the wintertime blues have you down, bring yourself up with bright and hopeful splashes of color and smells strategically placed around your house. Start lighting the spring scented candles: fresh laundry, lavender, lemon, gardenia. Flip through spring catalogs and magazines, and keep a bundle of the brightest flowers you can find next to your bed. Most importantly…don’t look out the windows!

Celebrate the hopeful days ahead of us with bright silverware pockets that can fit the color scheme of any gathering. It’s a no-sew project that can be customized to your liking- just choose the ribbon according to your party’s decor.

Photo by: Paul Whicheloe

Silverware Envelopes


What you’ll need…
Black vinyl fabric
Wide pink ribbon
Silver brads
Plastic/Waterproof glue
Hole punch

Get started…
1.  For each envelope, cut the fabric in a long rectangular shape, about three times the length that you’ll want your finished envelope. Since you’r using vinyl, you don’t have to worry about the edges fraying.
2.  Fold up the bottom of the fabric, creating a pocket for the silverware. Ensure that you have enough room for the silverware to fit inside the pocket. Seal the edges of the pocket with plastic glue.
3.  Attach the ribbon to the center of the inside of the flap using plastic glue. To do this, tuck and glue the end of the ribbon inside the top of the pocket and continue running the ribbon up the inside of the flap, tacking with glue in spots.
4.  Flip the top over and tuck the unfinished edge under to create a finished seam. Hold the loop in place and pin it down with a silver brad (create the hole for the brad with a hole punch), going through the fabric and top layers of ribbon.

Be on the lookout for new spring projects, recipes and gardening ideas on the blog this March!

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