Room of the Day: Tips for Creating a Perfect Room for Entertaining.

Room of the Day


Love the Round Table found on House Beautiful

What Makes it Good:

Most hostesses I admire  set a tight table and a round table so that no one feels left out and everyone sees everyone. It is a great way to combine people who might not know each other well. The tightness makes guests feel close and familiar and forces conversations. A round table let’s everyone participate in conversations. So by all means when throwing a party throw it at a round smallish table and watch the games begin.

What I Love Most:

Mirrors  on mirrors on mirrors. A wall of mirrors is so sexy. When you place another mirror on top of that and a gilded one no less WOW the look is beyond.  Then to top it off you push a mirror cabinet in front of the wall and below the mirror! Forget about it, I am in LOVE. Chic and stylish!

5 Ideas to Steal:

1. Always layer in an entertaining pattern to set the festive mood. The bright red sets a reel mood. Please note that it is protected with a clear glass tabletop.

2.Mirrors, Mirrors and more Mirrors. All this reflection will allow the light to dance and move and glow which is a perfect mood setter for a party.

3. Always have comfortable chairs. Do you see how thick and full the cushions on the dining chairs are? Make them full and cushy and your guests will never want to leave.

4. Have a folly in the room.  The Hanging lamp in this room is a perfect detail to add in some whimsy and FUN.

5. Conversation pieces are always a great backdrop so that people  have an article to land on for conversation. The plate collection and framed birds serve as a detail to be discussed and explained which is a great trick of all great entertainers.