Room of the Day: 5 Ways to Add Charm to your Bathroom.

Room of the Day

Sweet spotted on House Beautiful


 What Makes it Good:

I just love a sweet bathroom. The pastel colors in this little powder room make this one super cute. The bold use of black next to the pinks is charming. Then I love the pale blue stripes on the light fixtures. So if you are looking to add a whiff of whimsy try color combining subtle pales with bold black and you will achieve much of the charm needed to have a sweet bathroom.

What I love Most:

To me the vintage sink is divine. Although I enjoy a modern sink as much as anyone. However, when you can save a delightful sink like this I applaud you. Nope they do not make them like this anymore. So when you are redoing a bath why not embrace the simple design of old fixtures and design around them rather then replace them.

5 Ideas to Steal:

1. Instead of putting up bathroom curtains, frost the glass to make it private. This way a small bathroom will seem bigger and private.

Easy Window frosting Kits

2. Instead of painting or tiling a bathroom add instant character by choosing patterned wallpaper.

This a cool one I found on Amazon (click image above)

3. Keep your bathroom whimsical by hanging a simple but decorative mirror chuck full of personality.

This mirror has personality to spare.

4. Always have something that adds humor to a room, no matter how small or how insignificant the room may seem. This room adds just the right light touch with the snail flower vase.

This small vase can hang on the wall

5. In a bathroom one of the only places to add a little bit of fun is with the light fixtures. So, find a playful fixture and hang it well.

A light you will love