How to make 5 fun games for your kids with this Paper Plate DIY kids craft
Here are five quick and easy crafts you can create using little more than paper plates!
Servings Prep Time
manypeople 15minutes
Servings Prep Time
manypeople 15minutes
  1. To make a frisbee, place a paper plate on a cutting surface. Place a bowl or a quart sized paint container in center of plate. Trace around with pencil to create a circle template on plate.
  2. With a craft knife, carefully cut out circle template. Repeat on multiple plates. You will need two plates for each Frisbee.
  3. Squeeze hot glue around the perimeter of one plate, and carefully place another plate face down on top, adhering the two together. Repeat to create a few Frisbees.
  4. For the Toss Stand, place a paper towel roll over the neck of an empty plastic bottle.
  5. Wrap colored duct tape down paper towel roll and continue down bottle to secure the two together. Repeat to make a few toss stands.
  6. Place a vinyl number sticker on each toss stand.
  7. Place a funnel at the top of each toss stand and fill with sand so that it is weighted.
Recipe Notes


Paper plates
Tongue Depressors
Hot glue
Colored tape
1. To create a plate paddle, hot glue a tongue depressor so that it is centered on back of paper plate, half on and half hanging off. Use colored tape to add color to the back of plate. Repeat.
2. Blow up balloon and you are ready to play!
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Small paper plates (2 colors)
Colored tape
Artificial grass rug
Tape measure
1. Measure and cut an artificial grass rug to 30 inches by 30 inches. Use a tape measure to size and scissors to cut. Cut along the grain line of grass to achieve a straight line.
2. Mark with a small piece of tape 10 inches and 20 inches on each side of the grass rug.
3. Run one length of colored tape from your 10 inch mark vertically down to the opposite 10 inch mark. Do the same for the 20 inch mark, then the 10 and 20 inch marks running horizontally. You should end up with a tic tack tow grid!
4. Use one colored plate as your O and a different colored plate as your X. For the X plate, simply, create an X on the plate with colored tape.

Gold Paper Plate (small)
Pinking shears
Stripped ribbon
Hole punch
Sticker numbers and letters
1. Using Pinking shears, cut around entire edge of a small gold paper plate.
2. Use a hole punch to make a hole on top edge of plate.
3. Feed a length of ribbon through hole and tie in loop.
4. Place a large number 1 sticker in center of plate.
Variety of colored Plates (small)
Bowl to trace circle
Cutting mat
Craft knife or scissors
1. Place a paper plate on a cutting surface. Use a bowl that is about 1 ½” to 2” smaller than the plate. Place a bowl in center of plate. Trace around bowl with pencil to create a circle template on plate. Repeat on many plates.
2. With a craft knife or scissors, carefully cut out circle template and remove from plate. Repeat with all plates.
3. To connect plates as a garland, every other plate will needs to be cut open in order to loop the next plate on. Loop together plates until desired length.
4. Use tape to close all the cuts on the connector plates.
5. Hang your plate garland.