Quick and Easy Cookie Recipes

Doesn’t it feel like every holiday event goes well with a batch of cookies? There’s the cookie exchange, the school winter celebration, the friend’s dinner party, the holiday work party…for those endless December moments where you need a batch of cookies, here are a handful of recipes that use a little shortcut, but pack a lot of punch! Use pre-made dough or sugar cookie mix, then dress them up in clever and easy ways.

Cran-Pistachio Cookie Recipe made with a sugar cookie mix, Photo by: Christy Denney

Chocolate Peppermint Wafers- use pre-made sugar cookie dough! Photo by: David Prince

S’More Cookies: Break-n-bake chocolate chip cookies with marshmallows and chocolate. Photo by: Leah Herring

Dye sugar cookie dough red and wrap it around another roll of sugar cookie dough. Slice to create these two-toned cookies. Photo by: Frances Janisch

Looking for a Katie Brown favorite? What about…
Sugar and Spice Cookie Recipe
Coconut Cookie Recipe
Muffin Tin Cookies

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