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Welcome to Quarantine Mom

The place for inspiration to take your family higher during this time of togetherness.

I am your host Katie Brown

In these difficult times I think we all need to call on our angels, our better angels that is. The angels that have walked on, the angels that walk on high, the angels that walk among us, the living breathing angels that are walking through the daily trails of this virus to save lives while endangering their own, and to all those angels who are simply staying home and therefore keeping us all safer, we dedicate this edition to you.
We thank you
We love you
We honor you

Today I am going to walk you through how to make a creative and simple Angel Chain made from things that you should have in and around your house

So to make this happen with my family we all gathered around the table with a pile of supplies in the center. It was fun to see how everybody’s was a bit different. As we worked I asked a few questions and told a few stories about angels.
I first talked about my friend Kerri Metaugh who had passed away a few days earlier after a long fight with cancer, then we discussed who the angels were during this crisis, the nurses, the doctors, the first responders, then I asked if they believed in angels, if they knew any real life angels, if they had ever been anyone’s angel?

It was a great staycation for all of us to kind of drift off into daydreaming and riffing on angels
It made me feel a bit of peace to be able to think about my friend and talk about how I believed she was now an angel in heaven looking out for me, it was important to have the kids talk about and think about all the people out there who are risking their lives to keep us safe during this really scary time, to remind them and kinda list ways they are and can be real life angels, how they can be someone’s blessing

All you need for this is activity :
pipe cleaners or wire, you could even use a hanger
tape or glue or both
Then any combo of:
paper cups
Coffee filter
wooden shapes
hole punch

To begin make a little stick figure out of your pipe cleaner or wire with a loop/ circle at the top for your head, now use a paper cup or napkin or coffee filter as a skirt, gather it together tightly at the waist and tape it around the pope cleaner or waist tightly. (sometimes I will use a combination of a few to make it really flowy),
Next doll it up ….with pom poms for the head or a few beads as hands ….put some stickers on the skirt or water color paint it ….really make it your own using whatever ya got ….Then link the arms tone another

Once all your families’ angels are combined into one long chain decide what you want to do with it. We decided to run out when our mailman was delivering our mail and give it to him with a BIG OLD THANK YOU ….

Wouldn’t it be fun to see mailman driving around in their little buggys will angel chains built with gratitude hanging from the review mirrors

If you do this activity can you send me a photo if you do you it will automatically register you for a chance win a copy of one of my books.

Now before I end I want to share with you a resource found out there that helped me get through this day
Hot tip of the day:
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We hope this inspires
Gives you a chuckle
Makes you count your blessings
Remember to keep it simple
Stay strong, stay safe and stay home

If you have any questions or things you want me to discuss email me at info@katiebrown.com

And by all means be my angel and follow me at katiebrownworkshop on instagram, facebook and twitter

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