Showcase Veggie Arrangement


  • Fresh veggies
  • Pretty dishes
  • Cake stand
  • Cutting board


  1. A few easy ways to display your veggies: Consider building height and fullness with "shortcut" techniques. Place a cake stand or vase inside of a bowl to create height. Use a floral frog and asparagus to create height with the centerpiece. Don't be afraid to use a little ticky tacky to make sure the dishes stay put.

  2. Start from the inside out. If you're working with height, start with the center first. Build around the center and be sure to consider the arrangement in the round rather than from one perspective.

  3. Use your shapes and colors! Veggies offer so many hues and shapes that look great next to one another, use them to your advantage when making your centerpiece.

  4. If you are using a bowl to display your veggies, don't be afraid of "cheating" by putting a smaller bowl upside-down inside of the bigger bowl. When it is covered with veggies it helps give the appearance of a full bowl even if it is not full of vegetables.

  5. When constructing an arrangement on a flat surface like a cutting board, don't be afraid to prop your veggies on one another, like an eggplant propped up against an onion or pepper. You can always put a bowl on top of the cutting board as well and make an arrangement in and around the bowl.