Pennant Banner


  • Yellow cotton
  • Purple iron-on sports numbers and letters
  • Purple and green tape
  • Purple ribbon
  • Craft paper, at least 3’ x 2’
  • Twine
  • Pen
  • Chalk
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears


  1. Fold your craft paper in half lengthwise so that it is three feet along the fold and one foot wide.

  2. At the bottom of the paper use your pen to mark one foot from the fold.

  3. Using your ruler draw a line from the mark at the bottom of the page to the fold at the top of the page. It should look like a right triangle that's one foot at the base and three feet tall.

  4. Cut along the line. Now unfold the craft paper and you have a template for your pennants.

  5. 5. The most economical way to cut out the triangles, if your fabric is large enough, is to chalk the triangles so that they share an edge with each other, alternating between right side up and upside down triangles.

  6. Once all four triangles are chalked, cut along lines with pinking shears. Iron on numbers and words to spell out your child's name, their number birthday, or any festive message. Make sure you iron thoroughly since it can be a bit tricky to iron once the tape is on.

  7. Tape parallel stripes above and below the numbers. Leaving five inches between the top of the pennant and the first stripes. When applying the tape leave extra hanging off the sides.

  8. Place a thinner strip of tape in the center of a wider one to get the effect of three strips.

  9. Flip the pennants over in order and lay the ribbon along the tops.

  10. Fold the tops of the triangles towards yourself to create a three-inch flap.

  11. Make tape stripes on the back, lining them up with the stripes on the front so that the sticky sides of the tape ends face one another. This will make them easier to cut and the ribbon sleeve will be sealed.

  12. Cut off the excess tape and hang!