Magnetic Frame Board


  • Small piece of sheet metal (from your local hardware store)
  • Various boxes and bowls, different sizes and shapes
  • Different widths of black painters tape
  • Adhesive magnetic tape
  • Photos
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Large circular paper punch


  1. Lay sheet metal flat on table.

  2. In order to create your frame, place box on metal and outline using black painters tape. Trim edges using scissors or utility knife.

  3. To create a mat and give the frame depth, place a smaller box inside the “frame” and outline the box as you did above. Add additional detail and flourishes at the edges of the frame. Use a paper hole punch to create large circles that you can cut in half to create more decorative frames. Finish with ‘bows’ or ‘nails,’ all made out of painters tape.

  4. Continue grouping frames on the sheet metal, varying sizes and shapes.

  5. Then, attach adhesive magnetic tape to the back of a photo, and attach them in the center of the ‘frames.’