Hanging Monkeys


  • Hanging cardboard plaques/shapes
  • Rope
  • Twig coated wire
  • Assorted buttons (black, red, orange, brown)
  • Tan construction paper
  • Thick popsicle/craft sticks
  • Rubber cement
  • Hot glue gun
  • X-Acto knife
  • Large oval-shaped paper punch


  1. Pick a plaque to use as your monkey face. Cut an oval mouth out of your tan paper using the paper punch. Then, cut the ends of the craft sticks off and use for eyes. Make the mouth with the remainder of the craft stick.

  2. Using a hot glue gun, attach buttons for eyes and nostrils.

  3. With an X-Acto knife, cut a hole in the cardboard plaques to allow the head to fit into the body. Also, cut small holes into the cardboard for ears, arms, and legs. Slide the plaques together, attaching with hot glue where needed.

  4. Wrap twig coated wire around the rope for the arms and legs. This gives the monkeys a bit more stability, which will allow them to hang from one another.

  5. Insert rope for arms, legs, and ears into the holes you've already made, attaching with hot glue.

  6. Hang monkeys from each other to create the perfect jungle scene!


  • Add some wooden beads to ropes to give the monkeys something additional to hang on or next to!
  • If you're having trouble finding the cardboard plaques, get creative and see what the craft store has in stock. Anything cardboard-based will work, you can even use plain cardboard that you cut to shape.