Playroom Organization

I’ve got that beginning-of-the-year buzz and clutter better watch out! Instead of resolving to a general, “keep life organized”, I’m tackling specific problem areas in my house…starting with the playroom.

The kids’ playroom is often a room I’d rather just shut the door to then deal with the mess. I’m thrilled the girls and their friends have so much fun, and we always strive for that 5-10 minutes of “clean-up time” at the end of a play date. Realistically, however, it doesn’t always work out.

I’m going to take these playroom storage ideas and create organizational systems that are visually fun and colorful, while also practical and easy to accomplish. 2012 will be the year we achieve playroom organizational nirvana! Who’s with me?

To keep toy bins organized, attach labels to baskets and sticker letters to colorful buckets. Photo by: DaNita @DelightfulOrder

Mount metal planters to the playroom wall to keep stuffed animals and books visible, but organized. Photo via: Centsational Girl

Use a wagon to keep kids books neat and tidy. Search thrift store and flea markets for a vintage wooden one! Photo via: Cory Connor Designs

Find magnetic boxes at an office supply store. Use metal spray paint or contact paper and sticker letters to label each box. Hang on a magnet board for easy access (and clean-up!). Photo by: Angie @BurtonAvenue

Collect cans, spray paint them and attach to a piece of wood for a crayon container sorted by color. Photo by: Kristie Lane

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  1. Linda Stoddard
    Linda Stoddard says:

    This is absolutely adorable. What kid wouldn’t love having a playroom like this. oK, so I’m not a kid, but I’d love it anyway 😉


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