New Year’s Eve Party Balls

As great as 2011 was, I’m always excited by the possibilities a new year brings. There’s something about that “blank canvas” feel…a fresh start!

This year, I’ll be hosting a party with my nearest and dearest to ring in 2012. To get the conversations flowing before dinner, I’m going to set the table with these fun party balls. Wrap up bite-sized treats, conversation starters, fortunes or notes in crepe paper and personalize each party ball with an initial letter sticker. How fun!

Photo by: Paul Whicheloe for Katie Brown Entertains

Party Balls

What you’ll need…
Four feet each of white, gray and black crepe paper
Decorative stickers (with initials of guests, if desired)
Rubber Cement

Get Started…
1.  Wrap a piece of candy in a strip of crepe paper as you begin to form a ball. Every few passes, add another piece of candy.
2. Glue a new strip of crepe paper (in a different color) to the end of the first. Continue wrapping in candy.
3. Wrap until you have a palm-sized ball. then fasten the loose crepe paper tail with a decorative sticker.

Happy 2012!

Want to start something new this New Year’s Eve? Throw an international New Years Eve party and mix in new traditions from around the globe!

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