Mirrored Cup Cake Tower Stand

When you’ve made a beautiful batch of cupcakes, you want a beautiful way to display them. An elegant, mirrored tower fits the bill and is oh-so-easy to DIY! When you pick up a few glass or lucite candlesticks and some mirrored rounds, you’re just a little hot-gluing away from a decadent dessert display

Another bonus? When placing your sweets on a mirrored surface, they’ll instantly multiply. Now, you can’t possibly say no to that!


  • 3 Mirror circles – big, medium, small
  • 2 ‘Crystal’ candle sticks- 1 bigger, 1 smaller
  • 3 ‘Crystal’ candle votives


  • Hot glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Wax pencil


  1. Hot glue 3 small votives in a triangle (to serve as feet) to the bottom of the largest mirror circle.
  2. Find the center of the circles and mark tiny dots with a wax pencil.
  3. Hot glue the bigger candle stick to the center of the largest mirror circle.
  4. Hot glue the center of the medium mirror circle to the top of the bigger candle stick.
  5. Hot glue the smaller candle stick to the center of the medium mirror circle.
  6. Hot glue the smallest mirror circle to the top of the small candle stick.

You can pick up mirrored rounds and faux-crystal candlesticks at your local craft supply store, which means you should have no problem putting this together in a sweet snap.

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