Mason Jars + $3 Craft Item = Gorgeous Votive Candles

We love a good Mason jar craft whenever possible, and these glass pebble votives are just that! When the light of your candle shines through the jar and the pebbles attached to it, a beautiful, flickering glow is cast!

You can pick up a bag of these colorful glass pebbles at Michael’s (or any craft supply store) for about $3 a bag, so not only are these little votives stunning, they’re really affordable too!


  • Mason jar
  • Glass pebbles
  • Sheer Ribbon
  • Tea light candle


  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. Hot glue the pebbles to the jar.
  2. Wrap sheer ribbon twice around the mouth of the jar.
  3. Light a tea light inside the jar.

Hint: You may want a drop of hot glue to secure the ribbon to the mouth of the jar, and of course, always be careful with candles, never leave them unattended while lit.


We think these make a beautiful gift, don’t you? Think Mother’s Day,wedding favors or birthday presents!

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