Make a Care Giver's Day Gift

A dear friend of mine suffered a stroke this year. The whole experience has been heart breaking and I miss him everyday. However, as time passes and his strong will and loving family push onward he is steadily improving.

Due to the fact that I am on the other side of the country I have not seen him in quite sometime. Frustrating to say the least but to keep myself sane I pray for him daily and recently decided to do something nice for the people who are there always, his therapists and nurses. I bundled up a care package with homemade goodies and some store bought trinkets to let them know how grateful I am for all their hard work and care. To wrap it, I simply printed a glorious picture of me and him in happier times and attached it to the box then wrapped with a bright orange bow. It made me feel closer to him and his recovery and I can only hope it will also put a smile on the faces of the generous and selfless professionals who treat him daily.

If you have a friend or relative who needs constant care why not take the time to say thank you in a creative way today? I think you will find the one who feels the most healed from the ritual is you.

A package filled with love.

Oh, and if you have a second please take a moment of silence for my friend.

Thanks a ton.

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