Lunch Bag Project

What’s more refreshing than sitting on a beach with a cool breeze floating over you? When I visit my family in Michigan during the warm summer months, we always seem to end up having a big picnic on the beach. While the kids are busy splashing in the waves and flinging sand, the adults can relax for a moment and finally catch up on recitals, tee ball championships, job changes, moves, and all the day-to-day things we’ve missed in the past few months.

For beach gatherings and days at the pool, pack up the troops’ supplies in a customized straw tote. You can finally put to use that assortment of mismatched buttons on your dresser…

Anchor’s Aweigh Lunch Bag

What you’ll need…

Large, woven beach bag in a neutral color
Blue Buttons, assortment of sizes and colors
Hot glue gun

Getting started…

1. Experiment with the pattern you want to create on your beach bag. Layout the blue buttons on a flat surface, and see which layout you prefer – try an anchor, a fish, or a star!
2. Using a hot glue gun, attach the buttons to your bag.
3. Fill the bag with your lunch and head to the beach!

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