Let the Games Begin!

From the day I was born I view everything as a competition. That is right! Even during the dog days of summer when we are fortunate enough to spend a day at the beach I look at the sand and think how can I win! So, I gather my kids and anyone else who will indulge my urge to compete and we play until I am the last man standing (hopefully). However, even if you do not share my need to constantly win I am hoping you will take a look at the great ways to enjoy a good contest with very little effort next time you are lucky enough to be spending time by the water. What beach games do you like to play? Please let me know so I have more games to compete in. Thanks

Create tic tac toe using a stick to draw the grid and sea shells, rocks, and seaweed that you have collected to use as markers.

Found on Inspired by Family Mag

Gather a bundle of the flattest rocks you can find and have each player take turns putting the next one on the pile. Whoever lays the rock that makes it tip is OUT.

Found on Active Kids Club

Create teams and choose one person to hold a cup on top of their head and then take turns in a relay to fill up another cup and empty it into the cup on the person’s head…The team with the first full cup wins.

Found on Mom.Me

Create three different hole sizes. Then take turns rolling the balls into them. The smaller the hole the more points you get. The player with the most points wins.

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Who can lay still the longest!

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Create pins using a cup as a mold and wet sand. Then take turns rolling the ball. the person who knocks the most over wins.

Who says a snowman making contest can only be done in the winter? Why not a sand man contest?


And there is always the Limbo!