In the Fridge: Snack Time

If your kids are anything like mine, then you know how important snack time is. It’s the first thing said off the bus and sometimes the last thing said before bedtime: “Can I have a snack?”

Help kids help themselves! While there are tons of pre-packaged snack packs on the grocery shelves, they’re not always the healthiest choices. But who can whip up a tasty and nutritious snack when you’ve got to make sure the cleats are in the car, the soccer ball has air in it, and the jersey’s clean before hustling out the door to soccer practice?

Get your kids in the habit of peeking in the fridge first, where you can store fresh snacks that are ready to grab. When you get home from your next grocery trip, plan ahead: cut up celery and put it in a baggie with a dollop of peanut butter in a small plastic container. Group carrots together with a small ranch-to-go dip. The more you have on-the-ready, the less likely they’ll be to want the sugary stuff.

You can also enable your kids to pick out snacks all on their own with their very own refrigerator drawer. With our kitchen renovation last year, we were lucky enough to install refrigerator drawers under our island, as well as beneath the refrigerator. They are perfect for keeping all the kid-friendly food in one area, within reach of their little hands. Refrigerator drawers also cut back on that wasteful energy habit of holding the door open and poking around: everyone knows that the veggies are in the veggie drawer, the fruit in the fruit drawer, and the drinks in the drink drawer.

The experts at Sub Zero Wolf helped me pick out, install and make the best use of my refrigerator drawers…and we love them!

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