Garden Marker Project

When your garden is in full bloom, you tend to spend more time out amongst the veggies,  herbs and flowers. Why not make your experience even more beautiful with some fun and creative garden markers? Using materials you already have, you can make plant markers that you can reuse when you want to bring the garden indoors this fall.

Check out the 5 easy garden marker projects below and click on the photo to see how each is made…

Print your plants’ names in permanent marker on the side of a cork. Then, twist a dowel into the cork and push into your soil!

When you have a bit of room, spell out your plant’s name with painted stones. Have the kids help with this one!

Use an aluminum pan to make tags to mark your herb plants.

Clip a clothespin to a thin dowel. It’s as easy as that!

Cover a paint stirrer in chalkboard paint and label each plant with a white grease pencil.

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  1. sarah spencer
    sarah spencer says:

    Love the garden marker ideas especially the stone ones. we like to make home made stepping stones for our flower beds.

  2. Bernita Burdick
    Bernita Burdick says:

    What a great idea! I love the small aluminum ones and the clothes pins. They will hold up in the rain too. I have a large pot of different herbs and they will have to be divided here soon and these markers will help me know which herbs are which.


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